Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hot Summer Fun!

This summer has been packed full of fun for us!  My older daughter is now four-years old and my little one is almost two-years old, so we have been busy with them! One of the perks of being a teacher is getting the summer to be home with them.  While we all continue to work through the summer months to get ready for the next year, it's wonderful to be able to spend the daylight hours with them.  I feel like I miss out on a lot during the school year and this is good catch up time for us.

The first thing we did on the first night of summer vacation was make a bucket list.  And we have been pretty good with fulfilling our to-do's (and more)!

We have been grilling!

There's been walks around the block (not on our list but something we need to do more of).

We have visited one of our town's parks AND played in the sprinkler park portion (we are newer to our town-although I lived here growing up- and we didn't realize that this existed! How awesome :) ).

My older Sweet Pea has been in dance camp for the last few days, which will culminate in a wonderful ballet performance next week.  The studio where she dances is putting together a ballet of "Beauty and the Beast"...she is a little lamb! 

We have also been to the library, which is a major favorite!

We visited my sister at work...she works for a lawyer.  I think she was happy for her two new paralegals!

We've used our little pool in our backyard.  That's a favorite!

I also started the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology.  I have tried everything...Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, My Fitness Pal, etc.  I need portion control and my weight has been out of control.  Between commuting, not making breakfast for myself, not's not good.  I have a long way to go but at least this is a good start!  I'm down six pounds and I'm on day nine.  The shakes are delicious and the workouts are great.  I'll share more on another post about my other reasonings for starting this diet.

On my summer bucket list was to not only live a healthier life, but to also work on half-started classroom/Teachers Pay Teachers documents.  I created a booklet called "My Name Journal."  A few colleagues and I were sitting around discussing the need to track handwriting through the year for our Orton-Gillingham program.  My teammate shared something she had used this past year and I loved having the ability to see a year's worth of work in one booklet!  I ended up modifying it to fit the needs of my classroom.  Please check it out!

 What have you done this summer?  Please share with me!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Happy Summer! I'm Back!

Hi everyone!

I'm sure you were probably wondering what happened to me!  Let's see...a new baby (who is now almost two years did that happen?) combined with moving to a new house and city, going through four months of construction, having my in-laws move in with me, then moving them back out again all while working full-time and commuting almost an hour or more everyday has been what has been going on!  Life has been so crazy and so busy but SO GOOD as well!

I'm going to be getting back into the swing of things with my blogging and shared my created products both here and on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I was looking back at my TPT creations and they are so sad and lacking any type of creativity at the moment.  I am so excited to share everything that I have been working on during the past year and a half!

In the meantime, please share with me what you have going on for this beautiful, sweet summer!  I have officially been on vacation for one week but today was my official first day off (I had trainings and meetings all last week).  My girls and I stayed home, organized, cleaned and watched movies all day long.  We ended the day with "playing" street hockey outside with my husband and a few neighbors (my girls' idea of playing street hockey involves running around the the sticks and trying to hit the tennis balls into the net).

What do you have planned for the summer?

Happy vacation!