Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Peek At My Week!

Hi everyone!  Happy Sunday!  Doesn't the weekend always go so fast and the weekdays so slow (most of the time)?!  I'm linking up with Jennifer at Mrs. Laffin's Laughings for the A Peek At My Week linky party.

A peek at my MacBook Calendar; I have my Google Calendar synced here for easy viewing.

On Thursday, I posted about being on maternity leave.  One of the things I also did (but did not write about) for my substitute was set up a Google Calendar with all of the pacing guides downloaded.  I'm hoping this will keep her on pace so that when I return, my students are where they need to be and I can pick up where seamlessly and smoothly.  Sometimes seeing it in one place instead of five different places makes a huge difference!

I love this graphic organizer!  O "FISH" ally a First Grader created this and I love it!

This week in Reader's Workshop, my students will be using the illustrations to deepen their understanding of the text.  This could be through making text-to-self
connections (although, I know, not part of the CCSS) or using the illustration to make an opinion and back up their thinking.  Making connections can be a tricky topic, but I'm positive they will do great.  As part of the workshop model, students will be partner reading and working on writing throughout this week as well.  I have to admit, I am disappointed that I was not able to implement the Daily 5 this year.  My substitute has no Daily 5 background and I thought it would be too much for her and the kids to squeeze in during the first three weeks.

Our Author's Spotlight bulletin board!  Right now each student has at least one piece of work up in their portfolio.

In writing, we will be wrapping up editing and publishing our first stories!  Our students are required to have a portfolio so it's always exciting to introduce the end of the writing process as a means to adding to their portfolios!  All work is highlighted on the Author's Spotlight (I will write a post about the Author's Spotlight another day...we do some cool things with that bulletin board) and celebrated by the whole class.

Our district requires students to take a District Formative Assessment, better known as DFA, three times a year during our Math block.  DFA's are used as a pre-assessment tool and supposed to drive instruction within the small group instruction setting of our Math Centers.  This week my students will have their first DFA and I'm anxious to see their results!  My substitute started Math Centers last week, so she will be continuing those as well (Math Centers are requested, but not required, to be held three to five days a week).

Don't we all wish giving birth was this easy?! 
One more thing about this week is that I am being induced this evening!  Around six-o'clock tonight my husband and I will head to the hospital to begin the labor process.  I am about ten days late so I am anxious to get things moving (my daughter was seven-days late so being ten days late seems so long).  I am so excited to meet our new daughter and introduce her to her big sister!  My daughter has been running around talking about being a "big ister" for months now so it'll be great for her.

We have the older version; by clicking on the picture or the link below, you will be linked up with Amazon and the new version!

For those of you expecting a second (or third or fourth or fifth, etc.) child, let me recommend two books to you.  I'm a Big Sister by Joanna Cole is an awesome's a favorite in our house!  She really breaks it down for kids and I think my two-year old understands what is about to happen.  A teacher friend of mine was going through her classroom library, found it and gave it to me for my daughter.  We've been reading it for four months now and it is easily her favorite book!

Another favorite in our house!

Another book is published by a small publishing company near my house; a close friend of ours works there and passed it along thinking our daughter would love it.  It's called I'm a New Big Sister by Nora Gaydos.  Again, another very cute book that takes children through the steps of becoming a big sister.  Both books are available in the big brother version as well (here's the Joanna Cole book and the Nora Gaydos book).

Happy Sunday!  I hope everyone enjoys the end of their weekend!  I will be updating as I can, although I am unsure of how posting will go for the first few days (we're in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday at this point).

Talk to you all soon!


  1. I still teach Text to Self connections even if it isn't in the Common Core. I still think it is good for kids to relate things to themselves at times.

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    1. Hi Bethany! I think it's important as's just been a big topic of conversation in our district. Personally, I love telling my students, "This book reminded me of the time when I..." Great conversation starter!

      Thank you for stopping by!!! :)

  2. I agree. I still teach connections as well, although I don't spend as much time on them as I used to. I think they provide an important foundation for tackling more challenging skills, like inference.

    I love your "Author's Spotlight" bulletin board!

    Congratulations on your new daughter!!!

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    1. Hi Mary!

      I agree...and we all know how hard inferring is for students. Thank you for your comments!!!

      Meredith :)

  3. So glad I stopped by... I didn't know I could connect my mac calendar to my google calendar. Thanks!
    Grade 4 Buzz

    1. It's great! Just add your Google account to the calendar and you're good to go! I never knew there were so many cool things about Google either. I will have to write about them sometime!

      Meredith :)

  4. Google calendar is amazing... We just came across your blog and started following you! We would love it if you checked ours out and followed! Enjoy your maternity leave =)

    1. Hi Thrills and Frills in First!

      Thank you for commenting and for following my blog! I'm sorry it's been inactive for so long, but I am back now. I also check out your blog and am following you now as well. :)

      Looking forward to getting to know each other more! Have a great week!!!