Monday, August 19, 2013

This Is What I Saw When I Walked Into My Classroom Today...

No window is covered with plastic.
Again no window, just a plastic covered sheet.
Can we say yikes?!?!?!  My blood pressure went up just slightly when I saw this.  Professional Development starts Wednesday and we weren't even allowed to go near the building until this morning.  I have no window frames, no glass...nothing.  It's nerve-wracking to think that we could possibly have an unfinished building before students enter on Monday.  On the other hand, the purpose for this construction is to provide us with a safer school (especially after Sandy Hook) and I'm all for that!

I have my "crew" coming in tomorrow to help me set things up.  Thank goodness for family!  I was told I can set everything up as I normally would and the windows will be worked in around us.  Can't wait to have everything done!

While I was at school, I got all of my copying done for back-to-school, so that feels good to get that done.

 After not getting to do anything in my classroom, I was feeling a little down and stressed out.  I came home and happened to check my email.  I found this!

Needless to say, my mood has changed completely!  Thank you to Meredith over at The Big Apple Teacher for running this contest!  I absolutely adore Meredith's blog...she has such great ideas, stories and is a wonderful teacher!!!

Hoping that tomorrow goes smoothly!  I will hopefully have more pictures to post but better of my classroom tomorrow.

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