Friday, August 9, 2013

Five For Friday!

I've been reading blogs for so long (over three or four years now) and I'm excited to be participating in my first "Five for Friday" linky party with Doodle Bugs Teaching!

1.  Blogging!!! 

I restarted my blogging again and beginning with a fresh slate.  I got seriously caught up in completing my 6th year degree this past year and lost all focus with my blog.  I'm excited to get moving with it now that my 6th year is (mostly) done...just waiting for degree conferral now!

2.  Getting into trouble!

My two-year old daughter loves to "help."  Yesterday I was cleaning my bedroom and she was "helping" when all of a sudden it got really quiet.  I turned around and she had unraveled all of the paper towels.  This morning, as I was making her breakfast, she undid the whole beach bag with ALL of our beach things.  It's cloudy and raining here, but she wanted to go to the beach.  So we had a beach party in our pajamas instead!  I love her so much!!!

3.  Teacher Things

It's that time of year, time to get things started for back-to-school.  Tuesday my daughter, A, and I met up with a friend of ours for breakfast and then we ended up at (surprise, surprise), Staples!  I walked away with some cool supplies for the beginning of the year, like this Martha Stewart binder!  Can't wait to use it for meeting notes or lesson plans (I haven't decided yet).

4.  Baby Things

I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby girl number 2.  I am excited because I think we finally decided on a name!  It's so hard for teachers to choose names for their children (I think so anyway).  It's been a long few months deciding which name would be best for our newest addition!

5.  Where Are We?

I have been thinking, since back in January, that I would love to create those signs to be placed outside the classroom door that show where you are in the building.  There are so many times throughout the day where I go looking for people or they come looking for me.  I created a whole package of them and put them in my TpT store.  I can't wait to use them this year!

Happy Friday, everyone!!!


  1. Glad I found you through Doodlebug's FIve for Friday! Your "where are we?" product is super cute! I am recently obsessed with polka dots too! :) I am excited to follow and hear what other "trouble" your two year old get into-she is super cute and sounds like lots of fun!! :)

    Learning to the Core

  2. Hi Amanda! Thank you for commenting on my new blog! I commented back on yours as well. I have plenty of stories about my two-year old and our English bulldog, along with my first graders. Thank you again for being commenter number 1!!! :)

    1, 2, Eyes On You!

  3. Welcome back to the blogging world. Your daughter is so precious!!! What teacher can't resist Staples!!! :) glad you found some goodies. I'm your newest follower!!


    One Fab Teacher

    1. Hi Tiffany! Thank you so much! Staples is so addicting...any supply store is. Thank you for being my newest follower!!! :)


  4. Hi everyone! I had to change my blog address...I didn't realize that my link included my last name! Here is the new address and may need to refollow me on Blog Lovin'. I'm sorry for the inconvenience!!!

    1, 2, Eyes On You!