Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day Jitters!

Today was our first day of school and it went very well!  We actually had a delayed schedule...kindergarten orientation took place in the morning and then we started two hours later.  I was thankful for the extra two hours because I used up every extra second I had!

Once again, I am in love with my class!  I love teaching first graders because they are all so eager to learn.  Once again, I found the same with this class.  While I am going on maternity leave in less than three weeks, I am happy to have some time with them.

Some tips that helped with a smooth first day of school:

  • Letter to the parents.

I had no parents show up early because I sent a letter stating the delayed start time of school.

  • Transportation

I made sure to include a note about transportation.  Parents were asked to fill it out and send it back to school today with their child.  I have had problems in previous years over how students were getting home and this year dismissal went off without a hitch!

  • Supply control

Our school has students bring in supplies to be shared with the classroom community.  There ends up being quite a bit of supplies and there is no time to organize.  This year, I had students leave everything on the back table and then myself or the para in my classroom went through everything.  It worked nicely!

  • Parents staying

Again, this was the first year I had no parents stay!  Every child was dropped off by their parent, kissed at the door, hugged and then sent into the room by themself.  I think what helped was the fact that I stood by the door, spoke with the parents and had a plan for the students.  It was perfect!

What was a long day was actually a wonderful day!  To quote one of my new firsties, "Today was the best day ever!"

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