Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back-to-School Sale!!!

Nothing screams back-to-school like a really good sale!  I think we all wait all year long for the moment when the back-to-school sales start popping up (ok maybe not all year, but it is an exciting time...kind of like Christmas).

That being said, I'm participating in my very first Teachers pay Teachers "Back to School Sale"!  I know I don't have many products in my TpT store or any units and packets yet, but I wanted to offer this for you to get the chance to know me and my work a little better!  In addition to linking up with Blog Hoppin' today (see my earlier post with a freebie), I'm also linking up with Pinkadots Elementary to share the most wished for items in my store along with something that is on my wish list!

First up on the most wished-for item on my TpT store are my "Spotting Classroom Jobs" bulletin board decor set.  These  round job categories can be cut out, laminated, placed on a wall and then assigned with a student name using velcro or library pockets!  Rotate them daily, weekly, or monthly...whatever works for you.  The thing I love about these spots is the classroom management that it provides for the teachers and the routines and expectations it gives to the students.  They love coming in on Mondays and checking their name.  Students love teaching each other how to perform each job or going to others for help (and bypassing me...who wouldn't love bypassing the teacher?!?!).  It's a great system and my insides get all jumpy and excited when I see people wish-listing this item away!!!

I can also offer you this sign with capital letters (in a different font) if you are looking for something other than the smiley monster font!

There are other colors than just pink and blue--there are also jobs with red, purple, yellow and green polka-dot backgrounds as well!
The next most wished-for item in my TpT store are my polka dot "Where Am I?" decor set.  These signs can be printed on cardstock, cut-out, laminated, and placed either on a whiteboard, a cookie sheet or on a bulletin board near the classroom door.  Student pictures or student numbers can be placed in a line above or below the destinations.  Students move their pictures/numbers/etc. underneath the sign after they have asked you to leave the classroom (in my classroom my students hold their picture over their head by standing at the board and I simply shake my head "yes" or "no".  It's a great management tool and I don't have to hear, "I have to go to the bathroom," a million times a day.  The students love it!

The first item I am wishing for (I can't choose just one!) the most is from Second Story Window.  Emily and Heidi have created a First Grade Common Core Morning Workbook.  I always struggle with what to give students for morning work.  The last two years, it has been handwriting.  This year we are implementing Orton-Gillingham into our classrooms and handwriting is a component of that so it is now out.  This would be the perfect solution!!!

Another item I am hoping to purchase over the weekend is from The Teacher Wife.  Lindsey has created an awesome Teacher Lesson Plan book that is editable!  So exciting!  I'm looking to spruce up what I already have and this will be perfect for that!

In addition to taking 20% off, please enter code BTS13 for an additional 8% off, making your discount total 28%!!!  The sale will only be Sunday and Monday, so act quickly!  I know I have many more items in my wishlist that I will hopefully be able to purchase with the discount!!! Hurray for sales and back-to-school!!!

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